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Midnight Hour and Funky Broadway are the epitome of what soul singers strive to reach.  The orchestration hangs tight with staying in the pocket for the soulful adlibs.  Sax, brass and organ mix it to some memorable levels with your night club singers.  Lookie her’, all right now, get own down, ump, lowd have mercy, got to get it, emp, oooow…

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In college a serious groove was Engine Number 9 that kept the body in a uniformed dance rhythm.  It seemed to make your back bone want to double over backwards and then snap up in place with attitude.  The best part of the soulful movement to this sound was that it responded identical to male and female, mainly due to the laid back down beat.

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The soul country came out of Wilson Picket on a number of his hits, but none more that Mustang Sally.  There was doubt he saw a horse, and not the popular 1965 Ford.  The tempo is suited for a nice trout in the saddle, making it a country soul.

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The folks around the world were definitely attracted to the soul sound.  He was questioned specially by artist like the Beatles as to how to get that sound, where Wilson Pickett said it is a feeling that covers you inside.

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Land of a Thousand Dances takes your body in a serious frenzy in the effort to keep pace with the beat.  The dances like the Pony and Watusi were perfectly suited to the fast pace.

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