Earth, Wind, & Fire

Ooh we, this is a group that did not come out with your typical soul sound, but surely captured the essence what music should be about.  For example, from their Fantasy album the sound is timeless infusing jazz, pop and soulful love.  The message will live forever, as they say the twelfth of never.  This is where music means something when you can get the same feeling of joy anytime you listen.  The sound is something that is all encompassing and anyone from around the world can easily appreciate.

Although not your typical sound associated with soul music, the beat is solid and the melody played over it makes something that holds to the gut as something you do not want to see leave.  Even when the dance music boogie wonderland was obviously made to take advantage of the disco sound, the best still stands the test of time.  You cannot deny that this is something that will last throughout the future of music due in part to how the male and female voices make you want to part of a joyous world.

The main difference in this group of its 1970’s high point when contrasted the many other groups is that alcohol and drugs were not part of the deal of appreciation.  Of course there were those who used artificial stimulants, but the music itself sends you into a feeling of uphoria where even a glass of wine is not necessary to get higher, as solely this was a fresh sound that put you on top of the world fully sober.

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