The O’Jays

O'Jays Album Cover20

I love music is the driving Philadelphia soul that has never been matched.  The constant use of congas breeds the origins of humanity.  Keeping tempo with a full orchestration and soul are entwined better than most singing groups, as it sounded the same livie as pre-recorded.

The concept of the backstabbers represents the prefect precursor to the current haters going to hate.  The background singers got down singing the phrase “What they do” which was extremely slick leading to how they ‘smile in your face’ and then stab in your back.  The music lead into this song is solid gold and it undoubtedly motivated the intro to all-time classic Love of Money that laid down the coldest piano and guitar sound to date.

Living for the weekend gave a fresh meaning when the O’Jays highlighted in their undeniable Philly soul of going from slow to a fast jam.

I ain’t mad at the Republican Presidential candidate Trump for knowing the Love of Money was the jam for his Apprentice television show theme song.  The O’Jays really exressed what if feels like crying with your partner and then making passionate love.  Many couples can relate to this one as it seriously touches the soul.

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